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Admitting that I needed a hearing aid was a big step for me but setting up an appointment with AHS was the best thing I could have done. Tara Bailey put me at ease immediately. The exam was easy, she was thorough and very professional. I now hear everything very well and didn’t know what I was missing.
Thank you, Sue

I feel like a new person! I wore aids years before and returned them. Your attention to detail in testing me made all of the difference. Thank you for an excellent job!
Louis D.
I was in desperate need of a better hearing aid after 8 years. My son told me about his hearing aid from AHS of Greenville. Mrs. Bailey gave me a hearing test and explained the new Oticon hearing device. By the way, I only hear in one ear, the difference in hearing was so much better it was like day and night. Mrs. Bailey was so helpful. She is a true professional at what she does. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend Mrs. Bailey. I sent a friend of mine that had extreme hearing loss since a child. Now 38 years of age using hearing aids, last set about 8 years, with his new aids said he can hear sounds he had never heard before. Thanks Tara
Tom R. of Chesnee, SC
“I knew I had bad hearing and had an audio test by Dr. Bailey. She has been absolutely wonderful helping me with my hearing aids. It has been a blessing. She has always been available to see me and is one of the most patient doctors I have ever known. 5 star rating for Dr. Bailey! ”
Brenda G. of Greenville, SC

“I have known for a while that I had significant hearing loss but I chose to ignore it. Through my work I found out about Dr Bailey and Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville. I took the first step and made an appointment. I am so glad I did. Dr Bailey is very thorough and professional. She is not high pressure and presents you with the best options for your needs. She is also very good about following up with you and taking care of you after the sale. In my case the hearing loss was primarily in one ear. Rather than going for a bigger sale, she recommended only one hearing aid for me at this time. I am glad I finally went and had my hearing tested and that I chose to get a hearing aid. It has made a big difference for me. If I could give Dr Bailey and Advanced Hearing Solutions 10 stars I would because they certainly earned it. Thank you Dr Bailey for what you do and the way you do it. I am a very satisfied client who is hearing better than I have in years!”
Ken K. of Simpsonville, SC
“My husband was depressed and feeling like his hearing loss defined him as old. It took some effort to get him into see someone. Dr Tara is that someone that made him feel excited about the possibility of hearing better and being a part of the conversation. He was in the office and called me from his phone which interfaced with his hearing aids. His voice was upbeat and happy. He began telling everyone how wonderful it was to hear. Our grandson calls them his bionic ears and wants his own so he can mute others when desired ...LOL Dr Tara educated me as well on how important it is to correct hearing loss. I then shared this information with my stepdad who also now has hearing aids. Her impact and passion to improve lives is impactful. She took away the stigma which has improved my husbands self esteem. I am very grateful.”
Rubi J. of Landrum, SC

“I was in denial about my hearing loss. When I went for my physical at my doctor she referred me to Advance hearing Solutions. This is where I met Dr Tara Bailey. She was amazing and put any anxiety or stigmas associated with hearing loss at ease. Once I understood the long term effect of doing nothing... I was on board. I am a professional public speaker and not hearing was effecting my work. Dr Tara continues to offer me support even when I am traveling... My family, friends and colleagues notice the difference. I am very grateful to Dr Tara...”
Ray J. of Landrum, SC
“I want you to read this ! Dr. Tara Bailey ( Tara) has been the most thorough, informative hearing Specialist I have had the pleasure of meeting. I met her because I got a Second Opinion from her , and so glad I did! I'm only 57, but after years of Bar tending and riding a Harley for years ... I damaged my hearing to what I thought was beyond repair. Tara spent the most detailed time with me , explained what and why this happened .. and with today's New Technology... I can actually hear what people are saying to me now ! And this is just the beginning to what is to come with her being able to adjust,.. raise -or lower what fits my environment. Totally one-on-one customized Care. It is Amazing what I can hear now ... and only the beginning. She is the best Professional Health Care Dr. I have ever met... What kind of Specialist Doctor tells you,... " If you are not comfortable with your Aides,.. call me .. even if its a Sat, Sunday , come to the office, I'll be there for you ! . You are totally amazing and so helpful ..........and I thank-you for that !... If you have Hearing Issues, as I did ... please contact AHS for the best Professional Service and Care that you could ever ask for !!....By the way ,.. my first visit with her was on a Saturday .... that alone impressed me !!.Glad you helped me out beyond my beliefs , Tara ! She is so thorough about what is good, and what needs to be adjusted.. and she does it all by computer with today's new Technology. It is amazing what can be done with the programming , to help with my Tinnitus. She is so one-on-one, helpful and concerned . My Best Ever decision was to go with her and AHS ! Very pleased !! Nothing but Good Things to say about Tara and AHS... even better benefit ... but also sometimes a problem for me of my 2 Aides, is that there are so comfortable , and unnoticeable... I forget I even have them in... I jumped in the shower , and forgot they were still in... Oppps !! That won't happen again ! I did catch it quickly !! thank goodness !! ”
Bill C. of Mauldin, SC 
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