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Experience peerless results from our on-site hearing instrument specialist who will recommend hearing aid devices based on your special needs. We carry both custom hearing aids as well as non-custom hearing aids available the same day.
Get efficient hearing aid solutions that Greenville, South Carolina, residents need. Come explore the best hearing aid solution for you or your loved one from popular hearing aid manufacturers.
If you’re wondering where to get hearing aids for you or someone you love, or if you’d like a hearing test performed by an experienced hearing instrument specialist, simply make an appointment.

Hearing Aids in Greenville, SC

Why Should I Have My Hearing Checked?

When your hearing is sharp, you’re active and engaged with the world around you. Plus, you enjoy better overall health. While people know they need their eyes and teeth checked annually, they often overlook their ears.  So, although you may not need a test every year, you should still come in to our hearing healthcare center in Greenville, South Carolina, for a baseline to detect any future changes. Often, people forgo a hearing check because they worry about the cost of hearing aids should they need one. At Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville, LLC, you get personalized attention and hearing aid device options that cover all price points. So don’t delay and schedule your hearing test today!


After years of a juggling a hectic schedule, Dr. Tara Bailey, DPM, HIS took time off from her private practice to create Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville, LLC. By offering hearing loss solutions for Greenville residents, along with audiologist Linda Cummins, she’s created a reliable place for advanced hearing healthcare information.


The hearing solutions Greenville SC citizens trust comes from Dr. Tara Bailey and Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville, LLC, the premier hearing center. You’ll learn all the benefits of IIC (invisible in-the-canal) hearing aids to Bluetooth compatible hearing aids. Discover the latest technology in hearing aids.
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Advanced Hearing Solutions of Greenville, LLC offers hearing aids of all types and budgets along with personalized attention and upscale service. Put Dr. Tara Bailey, DPM, HIS and her 20 years of experience in the healthcare field to work for you.